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   Wellness Trainings and Seminars


    Richard Castle, LPC, CSAC, has extensive experience teaching, training

    and coaching both individuals and learning organizations on a variety of

    specific topics related to effective communication, problem-solving skills,

    implementation science, and crisis management.  Richard offers a variety

    of didactic and experiential trainings/seminars designed to promote growth,

    wellness, productivity and life satisfaction.  These events range in complexity

    from brief, single-day seminars to multiple-day (or multiple-session)

    trainings, and these various events have been designed to meet the unique

    needs of individuals, couples, and organizations.  These events focus on

    enhancing interpersonal and/or organizational communication skills,

    improving emotional regulation, increasing individual and/or team

    motivation, and improving conflict/crisis management skills.  Some examples

    of specific seminar/training topics include: Stress Management; Effective

    Communication; Conflict Resolution; and Forgiveness.      


    For more information about our Wellness Seminars and Trainings,

    please contact us.