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  What is counseling?


   Counseling involves exploring feelings, finding explanations and solutions,

   exploring wishes and dreams, setting goals, improving coping skills, and

   gaining clarity.

   Most of us experience times when we need help dealing with problems and

   issues that cause us emotional distress. When you have a problem or issue

   that makes you feel overwhelmed, you may benefit from the assistance of

   an experienced, trained professional. The counselors at Clarksville Counseling

   Center offer the caring, professional assistance that people need during

   stressful times.


   Signs That You Should See A Counselor

   There are several ways to know when you would be doing yourself a favor

   by seeing a counselor.

   1) You've tried several things on your own, but you still have the problem

   2) You want to find a solution sooner rather than later

   3) You have thoughts of harming yourself or others

   4) You have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another disorder that

       interferes with your daily functioning and reduces your quality of life



   Who Would Benefit From Counseling?

   1) You feel unhappy most of the time

   2) You worry all the time and are unable to find the solution to

        your problems

   3) You feel extremely sad and helpless

   4) You feel nervous, anxious, panicky, and worried most of the time

   5) Your child is having problems with behavior or school performance

   6) Your emotional state is affecting your daily life: your sleep, eating habits,

        job or school performance, and relationships

   7) Your behavior is harmful to yourself or others

   8) You are feeling impatient, angry and frustrated most of the time

   9) You are having problems with family members or close friends

  10) You or someone you love has problems with Substance Abuse or addiction

  11) You are the victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence

  12) You feel lonely and isolated

  13) You are having trouble dealing with the death of someone you love

  14) Your family has a lot of conflict or tension

  15) You are experiencing a divorce or marital separation

  16) You or someone you love has a serious illness and you are having a hard

         time dealing with it

  17) You are having a hard time coping with stress and change

  18) You are having a hard time setting and reaching goals

  19) You often feel afraid, angry or guilty

  20) You have a hard time focusing and concentrating throughout the day